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Business Plans

The foundation blocks of a successful business are the vision, philosophy and values of its owners.  However, many businesses have not put pen to paper to clearly document these foundation blocks into a business plan.

Gerard Hulst has developed a unique, but simple, approach to business planning.   He calls it "PATH".  Think of it as a pathway to prosperity.

Gerard will work with you for a brief but productive two-hour session.  The outcome of the session is a business plan that is:

  • clear and concise (one page)

  • user friendly

  • a useful communication tool for management

  • a method to explore the four ways to grow your business

Financial Models (Budgets)

Every business needs to know whether it will generate sufficient cash to meet all commitments.  A financial model can provide you with this information.

We at Gerard Hulst & Associates realise that your business is unique.   Therefore we take a personal, customised approach to assessing your needs and analysing your financial position.  We don't deal in 'cookie cutter' services or solutions.

We will sit down with you with a blank piece of paper to determine the base assumptions that drive your business.

From these assumptions we can derive a profit and loss account, cash flow forecast and projected balance sheet.  (Normally on a monthly basis for one year.)

If you wish we can incorporate a Sensitivity Table to show the affect on profit and cash based on movement of base assumptions (key input data).

We will also advise you how to measure your performance against the base assumptions (key input data).

Systems for Monitoring Progress

To ensure that the company makes progress, actual performance should be measured against the budget to determine whether the Key Input Data is accurate.

It is important to measure the activity that produces the result, not just the result itself.

Gerard Hulst & Associates can provide sound advice on monitoring systems appropriate for your business needs.

Business Mentor

Gerard Hulst can discuss the role of a business mentor and suggest an appropriate person.

Costing Reviews

Gerard Hulst & Associates can assist you to determine cost and pricing structure for your product or services to make sure you are cost effective.

Capabilities Assessments

Ever wonder if you are doing things right, or if you can do things better?  We at Gerard Hulst & Associates can conduct an eight point capabilities assessment on your business.



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