Business review opportunities

Solutions to Problem Loans

Problem Loan Review

When a company defaults on its loan obligations, you as lender will need to urgently find out the answers to two important questions.

  • how bad is the problem

  • what are the options for solving the problem?

Gerard Hulst & Associates can prepare an independent Security Evaluation Report (normally completed within three to seven days) with the extent of the review tailored to the lenders and/or clients needs.

We can report on

  • The client's current financial position

  • The extent of external liabilities, priority creditors and the attitude of unsecured creditors

  • Reliability of financial statements and accounting data

  • Our review of budgets and cash flow forecasts

  • Priority areas for corrective action by the borrower

  • The best ways to maximise recovery on assets in the event that the business ceases to trade

On-going Review

On-going review will provide feedback to the lender and client on the effectiveness of corrective action, together with an early warning of possible deterioration in the borrower's financial position.

Limited Scope Reviews

A Limited Scope Review can be prepared before you advance money or to check on the adequacy of asset security. Based on your requirements, the review can focus on a specific asset group, e.g. stock and/or debtors.

Gerard Hulst & Associates can advise as to ownership, valuation, and existence of these highly mobile assets.


In the event of a default under a debenture, the debenture holder can appoint a Receiver and Manager to take control of the company assets.

We at Gerard Hulst & Associates can advise you in all aspects of receivership appointments, whatever the size of company. We offer a comprehensive service on all appointments.

With our unique approach and competitive fee structure, we can ensure that the receivership will maximise the value of the assets available and minimise costs.



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