Business survival opportunities

Solutions to your cash flow problems

Solvency test

Is your company able to pay its debts as they become due in the normal course of business?

Yes   No   Not sure

Is the value of the company's assets greater than the value of its liabilities (including contingent liabilities)

Yes   No   Not sure

If you answered 'no' or 'not sure' to either of these questions you may be trading whilst insolvent.  In that case you risk:

  • being personally liable for the debts of the company

  • having to repay any distributions made to you.

We at Gerard Hulst & Associates can advise you of your options and help you work through those options.

Financial Models (Budgets)

It's always a wise idea to be proactive in business.  At Gerard Hulst & Associates we are highly experienced in the preparation of cash flow budgets (for weekly, monthly, and/or annual periods) which are sufficient to warn management of any liquidity crisis.

Deeds of Compromise with Creditors

If your company is burdened by debt or if its cash flow trading prospects show that the company will continue to experience liquidity problems, we can help your business to be proactive in organising a restructuring process to give your business a breather from the pressures of creditors.

Gerard Hulst & Associates is experienced in preparing a compromise proposal and presenting the most favourable options for the continued survival of the company to its creditors.


(initiated by shareholders and/or directors)

After all your hard work it may be inevitable that your business should cease to trade.   In this case, your best bet is to be proactive by liquidating voluntarily.   The objective of a (voluntary) liquidation is to repay as much money to the creditors as possible in the shortest time.

With our unique approach and competitive fee structure we can ensure that the liquidation will maximise the value of your company's assets and minimise costs.


(initiated by a creditor through the court)

If you are a credit controller or a debt collector, you will know the frustration involved when credit was advanced in good faith but legal action has been required to put the company in liquidation.

Even worse is when you find that the company has no assets or assets have been pledged to a secured charge holder.

When this happens, you will need answers to the following questions.

  • When did the company become insolvent?

  • Where did the money go?

  • Did the directors act in a reckless manner?

At Gerard Hulst & Associates we are experienced in court liquidations and at investigating the affairs of insolvent companies.

Our unique reporting structure will provide the answers to your questions.



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